Saturday, January 17, 2015

Story Time Sampler - Five Frames Down!

Seven more to go!

I am determined to do all twelve frames and the banner for the piece before I fill in the frame for January. These are the frames for May trough September. I know it's hard to see the white-ish frames (really they are done in Natural Blueberry from Mo's Sale), but it's much easier to see them in person than in the picture, and I have no doubt they will pop more when they are filled in.. The other colors used for the frames from left to right are Sundown, Young Anna and Dirty Pink, all from Mo's Sale!

I'm off to work on more frames!

Until next time!


  1. Looking great!! Love the colors.

  2. The frames are so pretty Katy.


  3. This looks so pretty! I got hooked on Mo's flosses too after I saw them on your blog.