Monday, January 12, 2015

Once Upon A Time - October and November

Thank you, football games and Golden Globes, for giving me good television to watch while I worked on Once Upon A Time! Not only did I get October finished, I made a good start on November's block as well!

Here is October:

The full piece so far:

And here is November:

We'll see how far I get on November today. Would it be too ambitious to hope I can complete this block today? It's back to lots of little parts rather than big motifs like the last two blocks. We'll see what happens!

Until next time!


  1. Love the fabric and your stitching looks great!

  2. Carry on at this rate and you'll have it complete by the end of the week x

  3. Wow you will done with this one soon and happy dancing your way on to another project.

  4. Oh you are so close!! That 15th deadline has really spurred you on haha. Go go go :D

  5. Not far to go now! Great work!