Friday, January 16, 2015

Noah, Story Time, and IHSW

Lots to update about this morning!

First, I got impatient waiting for Story Time to come out yesterday afternoon so when I had some time, I did a little bit more on All Things Noah:

Now, it's really been put away for the rotation because Story Time Sampler came out!! So excited! I am utterly in love with the frames in this piece. The release included the twelve frames, the banner and January's frame, which is Alice in Wonderland! I am stitching all of the frames first starting from the center of the piece. Here is where I got yesterday:

I am stitching this on 28-count Jobelan in Melody from Hand Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie using flosses from Mo's Sale once more. It seems to be a habit for me with The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery pieces!

It's also International Hermit and Stitch Weekend! Guess what I'll be working on this weekend!

Until next time!


  1. Love the fabric you are using for Story Time!
    Happy Stitching

  2. I love your new start Katy. Gorgeous fabric and floss.


  3. Great progress on the adorable giraffe. Oh my goodness the fabric and threads are beautiful together. Good luck on your IHSW. I will IHSWing too.

  4. I saw some stitched up frames on the facebook SAL page and they do look gorgeous. You picked some lovely fabric and floss to do it on. :D

  5. I love your fabric and progress already on Story Time! Gorgeous already! I think I might cave and stitch this too. sigh... Noah is looking great. love Annette

  6. Noah is looking good! Hopefully you'll finish it in no time :)

  7. Lovely stitching! That fabric is stunning, I really much buy some of Steph's lovely fabric, it's just hard trying to pick!