Tuesday, April 7, 2015

F is for...

So before I get into the real reason for this post, I have to give everyone a slight heads up. I'm a klutz. Queen of Klutzes, really. On Easter Sunday, I was helping my four year old son during the egg hunt at my aunt's house. I wasn't looking where I was walking and I tripped on the concrete barrier of my aunt's flower bed while in my heeled sandals and skirt and fell HARD onto the solid stone walkway. I landed primarily on my right shoulder, but it, my knee hip took the brunt. Sunday evening, I felt okay. A little sore, but okay. Monday? Owwwwwwwwwwwwwww.....

My shoulder is swollen and it hurts to move my arm at all, there are several bruises and scratches on my legs and hips I didn't see yesterday, my knee is swollen a bit, it hurts to move anything, it hurts to sit or lay down or be settled anywhere for long. Stitching, therefore, is still both relaxing mentally but a bit more difficult right now physically. As a result, I'm sticking just to the OUAT alphabet for this challenge for a little while until I am back to my normal self again. Then I'll pick the rotation back up again! That is dedication to this challenge! Hah!

Now, enough about that! Today's character is probably the hardest one I've had to stitch to date because of the sparkly metallic thread I had to use extensively, but it's worth it!

F is for Fairy! The Blue Fairy to be exact! Most of us are familiar with the Blue Fairy from Pinocchio, but she is also one of the oldest of the magical creatures and is often the go-to person for anything related to magic.

One thing I have always found utterly amusing is that under the curse that brought everyone to Storybrooke, all of the fairies were turned into nuns, of all things. The Blue Fairy, as the leader of all of the fairies, is the Mother Superior as a result!

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Until next time!


  1. Ouch! I'm sorry you fell I'm very clumsy as well so I know your pain. I hope you get to feeling better!

  2. So sorry to hear about your injury! And here I've been whining because I stabbed the tip of my main stitching finger with a knife (and keep poking it with my needle)! You definitely win! Hope you get to feeling better soon and I definitely feel your pain with the light effects floss...I'm convinced Satan invented it because it's such a pain (even if it looks amazing when you're finished).

    1. It really is gorgeous, I love how the fairy looks, but yeah....not so much fun to work with!

  3. OW! Sounds like you have a date with ibuprofen or naproxen sodium coming. Take care of yourself.

    I've enjoyed your cross stitch and look forward to more.

    John Holton
    Blogging from A to Z 2015 Cohost
    The Sound of One Hand Typing

  4. Oh ouch Katy. I'm sorry to hear about your fall. I hope you don't get and worse and start healing soon.

    Lovely stitching despite the pain.


  5. Ouch! I hope you are soon feeling better. x

  6. Ouch, that really doesn't sound too good at all. I hope that you feel better soon!
    I can't believe how quickly you are stitching your alphabet :)
    Love the characters... But have to admit that I don't know the show they are from....
    Hugs xx

    1. They're from the show, Once Upon A Time

  7. Oh no! Hope you are feeling better soon xx. Glad you were able to persevere with the metallic threads. :)

  8. I hope you feel better soon, I was clumsy last year too, actually my knee is the reason I started blogging. Your characters just keep getting better;)

  9. Ouch. Hope you feel all better quickly. Great stitching. She is a great character.

  10. I love this one!

    I hope you will recover soon.

  11. Fantastic F's! Really hope you're feeling better now. You poor thing! I'm such a klutz too :(