Saturday, April 11, 2015

J is for...

Today we get to meet Jefferson, who is also known as The Mad Hatter.

Jefferson is unique in that he remembers everything when he is brought over during the First Curse, unlike nearly everyone else. His hat is magical in that it can open portals to all of the different realms (Enchanted Forest, Wonderland, etc.), but when its brought to Storybrooke, it loses it's power. It drives him a wee bit mad as he tries to figure out a way to make it work again, which leads him to kidnap Emma at one point. He also usually wears high necked coverings to hide the scar from where the Queen of Hearts cut off his head.

He was really a great character but he faded after everyone regained their memories and he was reunited with his daughter. I wish he would come back, but the actor that plays him (Sebastian Stan) is too busy making little, unheard of movies like, you know, Captain America and Winter Soldier.

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