Monday, April 13, 2015

K is for...

K is for Killian Jones, Once Upon A Time's (really attractive) version of Captain Hook!

Killian was a naval officer who got trapped in Neverland by Peter Pan and turned pirate. Once he escaped Neverland, he met and fell in love with a woman named Milah, who was Rumplestiltskin's first wife before he turned evil. After Rumple became The Dark One, he went after Hook for revenge, took his hand and because of his appearance earned the nickname Crocodile. Even now with both of them in Storybrooke, they are far from friends.

Killian is also the "True Love" of Emma Swan. Now, I adore Hook as a character, he's got some fantastic witty lines, but since I'm not a huge fan of Emma, I can't say I love this pairing. But I certainly don't mind the eye candy he provides, along the with awesome accent!

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  1. Hook is the only saving grace for Emma IMO...I didn't like her on House either.

  2. Good grief... I just had to Google this guy, and he is just as attractive as you described! :D :D Great 'K', Katy!

  3. Hello there.
    This is so creative. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the rest of the challenge!
    Entrepreneurial Goddess

  4. Hook is so hot. I liked hatter too but love hook :)

  5. awesome stitching. I've yet to watch this show but I will get to it one day. It's nice to meet you my name is Caitlin and I blog over at You're doing an amazing job with the challenge.

  6. Beautiful stitching as always;)