Monday, April 27, 2015

W is for...

We've made it to the last week of the challenge! Only four more letters to go! I'm looking forward to finishing this piece, I've had a lot of fun working on it!

Today for W, we get to meet Snow White, known as Mary Margaret Blanchard.

She is the wife of Prince Charming, the mother of Emma Swan and the grandmother of Henry Mills. Before they remember who they are, she is a mild mannered school teacher who takes Henry under her wing and gives him a book of fairy tales that ends up starting this entire journey for everyone.

Now, Snow is supposed to be one of the heroes of the show. A paragon of good, a warrior for truth and justice, but she really is the villain in my opinion. She shows more than once that she can be selfish, self centered, immoral and ruthless. She spends time as a thief (though not an honorable one like Robin Hood), she condemns the soul of another unborn child for the sake of her own and justified it because the child was the offspring of someone "evil", she has an affair with David before they have their memories back and he was married to someone else, she puts the people of Storybrooke under a second curse, and more. Her heart has darkness in it (we actually get to see it at one point when her heart is pulled out of her chest). Her focus is not on the greater good, but on what is best for her and her immediate family. Much of the suffering of the other characters, including the villains, can be tied back to choices and actions that Snow White made.

Yes, she does have some redeeming qualities, but honestly, not enough for me. Is it obvious yet that I'm not fond of her at all? But again, this is my opinion. Others will have very different viewpoints!

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  1. Yeah, we definitely disagree on Snow's character, but we are united in the stitching (and that's all that matters, right?).

  2. Yippee, we are almost done. Snow looks great.


  3. Great stitching as always, Katy :-) And I like your thoughts on Snow.

  4. Totally agree Snow drives me nuts.

  5. Quite! I just want to slap Snow half the time

  6. Very interesting... Snow White the cartoon was never a favorite. Great W! :D

  7. I'm in the middle somewhere on your view of Snow. She does have some bad things but I think she is mostly good. I think in order to be good you have to do bad things sometime realistically.

  8. You're really not a fan are you? :) I liked that her character was far more multi-layered and 3D. Much prefer her over the cartoon version! :) But she did have her irritating moments