Thursday, April 2, 2015

Walking Through The Stars Zodiac - Aries Part One

The next portion of the Walking Through The Stars Zodiac Sampler came out yesterday - Aries! I was able to make some good progress on it yesterday and should be able to finish it up tomorrow:

I really love this piece, but I do wish that all of the frames were already out, not just the center circle. Once the frames are done, it doesn't take long to fill them in, but those frames definitely take a bit of time to stitch! One stitch off anywhere and you throw off the whole balance for future frames.

As always, I'll share all the interesting tidbits about those under the Aries sign tomorrow once I finish the piece!

Until next time!


  1. Wow, it looks great, Katy! I love the fabric you're using. I've never stitched something that came out in pieces. I'd be so worried I'd line it up wrong!

  2. It's definitely a challenge! But it's a fun challenge!

  3. Great progress as always =) I can't get enough of that fabric =)

  4. It sure is a lovely piece of fabric and design Katy.


  5. I enjoy seeing creativity :) you won't take as long as my friend does with her embroidery I'm sure, but then it's her infrequent project that's been awaiting completion for over thirty-five years! I used a pic of her sampler for an A to Z intro post on our art project blog if you like to see other's stitch-work too Thank you for visiting and commenting on my poetry blog, best wishes :)

  6. Gorgeous! I agree with you. I think they should have released those. Seems like they did with the others you work on.