Sunday, September 30, 2012

Where There Is Desire, There's Going To Be A Flame...

So the newest Pink song has been on the radio non stop and it's been in my head, but the chorus is just perfect for my beautiful Flames of Desire piece, so it had to be the title! I have to admit, I was so excited to get back to this piece and am really looking forward to making some good progress on it this week!

So when we last saw Flames of Desire, this was the progress I made:
Flames of Desire Start of Rotation Week - Last Touched 9/1/12
I got some definite progress in today and this is where I am as of tonight:
As of 9/30/12
Kinda ironic that the last time I touched this piece was the first day of this month, and now I've picked it up again on the last day! The bottom edge of this page and the right edge of this page have been reached with the titches I've made tonight, though I still haven't reached the top edge yet. We'll see how far I can go this week! Wish me luck!

Oh, on a side note, the reunion this weekend was a blast, I saw so many old friends from college and just had a really great time. It's too bad we don't do this every year! In fact, several of our friends that we have discovered are in the area agreed and we're going to try to get together more often. We'll see how that pans out, but regardless, it really was a wonderful weekend!

Until next time!


  1. looking really good Katy and i wish you speedy stitching

  2. Have fun this week working on Flames of Desire!! It is a lovely design

  3. Flames of Desire looks awesome, I can't get enough of those red colors =)

  4. Oooooo, I'm burning up here! Great job.