Saturday, September 1, 2012

August Update and September Goals

TGIF...or is it Saturday Already? I'm dealing with a bout of insomnia tonight, so though this is my Friday update, it's already well into Saturday...I think my kids are going to make me pay for this in the morning!

First, I wanted to start with my progress on Flames of Desire. One more day on this piece and then it will go back into the rotation! I'm really enjoying this one, though, and it's really made me a huge fan of HAED!
As of 8/31/12
Depending on how long my husband and I are out unexpectedly car shopping tomorrow (my car started having major issues tonight), I hope to make some more good progress on the piece until I put it back in the rotation! Regardless, this has been a joy to work on this week and I'm already starting to think of what HAED I want to start next and have literally well over 300 charts in my wishlist!

It's also time once again to look at how I did on my goals for August and set goals for September!

August Goals
- Complete birdhouse project for WOCS that I've signed up for - Done! I just need to buy the fabric for it and ship it this weekend!
Birdhouse Neighborhood

- Pull out Christmas Countdown and complete at least half of the remaining ornaments - Not Done - I pulled it out, but did not stitch on it this month. It's next on my rotation, though!

- Start European Bistro - Done!
European Bistro as of August 6, 2012
- Make more progress with Italian Vista - Done!
Italian Vista As Of July 31, 2012
Italian Vista As Of 8/25/12
All in all, a rather successful month goal wise! So now it's time to set the goals for September!

September Goals
- Christmas Countdown - Finish all ornaments and move to the fabric piece (should be doable, as it's going to be my focus in my next rotation)
- Flames of Desire - Finish Page 1
- Purchase at least one chart during HAED Appreciation Week
- Decide on and kit up my next project to be started after I finish Page 1 of Flames of Desire
- Work on European Bistro
- Work on Italian Vista

Whew, that's a lot, but only a few of those goals are specific! We'll see what I do over the next month! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and a safe holiday!

Until next time!


  1. You made good progress during the last month =)
    Good luck with your goals for next month =)

  2. That's a great list of goals for next month, Katy. You made wonderful progress in August!