Thursday, September 13, 2012

Oh, Isn't This Amazing?

Well Beauty and the Beast's castle definitely got taller tonight!

It's Growing!
As I'm sure you can tell, the castle's left side is all I'm really able to work on at this point, as the right side is all contained on the next page of this chart, but this side is definitely taking shape! It makes it feel like the piece got substantially bigger, even if it's just a few stitches up high!

I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday and that this weekend is IHSW! I definitely need it!

Sorry for the short's late, I'm tired, but I will say one fun thing about stitching this project is that I've been humming Disney songs's amusing my kids in the car, to be sure!

Until next time!


  1. Whatever keeps them happy:) It is coming along very nicely.

  2. Disney songs are the best :D haha

  3. You're making amazing progress =) So beautiful =)