Saturday, September 1, 2012

End of Another Rotation Week

Well, today was my last day of working on Flames of Desire for this rotation. I'm really proud of the progress I made this week, especially since it was a new start!
As of 9/1/12

I didn't get as much done today as I had originally hoped namely because I spent the day with my husband driving all over the place to buy this:
My New Ride! A 2012 Mazda5 Grand Touring

My old 2004 Hyundai Sonata had 170K+ miles on it, a crumpled up front bumper from where I lost a battle with a wooden post when we were moving, and on Friday as I was driving home, suddenly it decided to shift into third gear on its own and got stuck there. It's just not a safe car to drive anymore and we've pretty much driven it to the ground, so now I have a nice, pretty car with more room for our family and I'm so excited! I think this was a good excuse to not be stitching today, though I do plan on driving this beauty to Joann's tomorrow to take advantage of the DMC sale if there is any left!

Tomorrow, I'm going to finally pick up my neglected Christmas Countdown once more...which was a hard decision to make because I got this treat in my mail today:

The piece is called Beauty and the Beast Falling in Love and the original painting that is the inspiration for this piece is by Thomas Kinkade. The piece itself is part of the Disney Dreams Collection by Candamar Designs, and there are some truly lovely pieces in there for the Disney fan. My daughter, the princess fanatic, picked this out as the piece she wants me to work on for her and I was sorely tempted to push Christmas Countdown off for another week and start this one tomorrow, but I'm going to be good and wait and put this in the rotation to start on after Christmas Countdown.

Hope you're all having a wonderful holiday weekend!


  1. I LOVE the Disney Dreams Designs, hoping to add one to my stash for next year :)

    Have a fun week stitching!

  2. Beauty and the Beast falling in love is an amazing design =)
    I love the painting and I am looking forward to see you working on it =)
    Nice car and good work on Flames of Desire

  3. You made alot of great progress on's looking really good! Beauty and the Beast will be beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress when you start. Congrats on the new car!

  4. i love having a new car i always keep it clean and the kids are not allowed to eat or anything in it, unfortunately it never last and now they treat it like their bedrooms so i very jealous of you lovely new car! lol

    looking forward to the progress on Beauty and the Beast