Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Little Town, It's a Quiet Village...

Maybe I should have left that title until I'm actually stitching the village, but I've been humming it tonight as I worked! Working was slow going tonight. I'm really tired today for some reason, so I didn't make a ton of progress and my picture is kinda blurry to boot, but here is the update as of today!

As of 9/11/12
Hopefully tomorrow I'll have some more energy by the time I get home and will be able to get a bit more accomplished! The nice thing is that this weekend is also International Hermit and Stitch Weekend, and after having some rather busy and hectic weekends of late, I've told my husband that I don't want to go anywhere but church/Sunday School this weekend so hopefully I will be able to get lots of stitching on this piece on Saturday and hopefully a great jump on European Bistro on Sunday!

As an aside, I remember this day vividly from eleven years ago...I was a senior in college and was at my then fiance's (now husband) apartment when we found out about the first tower being hit and had the TV on when the second tower was hit. Our school was near DFW Airport, and I remember driving back to school and watching just dozens of planes landing one after another as I drove. Our school was also a Catholic university, so after I got home, I went straight to the chapel to pray before going to my parent's house to be with them and my siblings...not realizing that daily mass was supposed to start shortly after I got there. I wasn't the only one drawn to the church...it was filled to capacity and overflowing, and every priest that was on campus that day was up on the altar to say the mass and support our community. Lines formed throughout the edges of the chapel and out the doors of students organizing to go donate blood and figure out what else they could do to help. That day is burned into my memory and I have thought of it a lot today. God bless those who were killed, all those who have fought to defend our country and freedom, our leaders in government (both Republican and Democrat), and may we never forget that day and what it means to us now, no matter how many years pass.

Until next time,


  1. Nice little update, enjoy your hermit & stitch weekend!! I know I'm looking forward to mine ☺

  2. A wonderful stitching update and I hope you will get lots of stitching time done during the weeks end =)

    Thanks for sharing this very personal memory. I was just 10 years old when 9/11 happened, so I don't remember so much. I just remember that I didn't really understand what happened, it was like something so terrible didn't exist in my mind until that day =/