Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lots of Navy

Just one color stitched tonight, but quite a few stitches of it!

As of 9/19/12
A few more columns of navy stitches and that bottom base of the wall will be set! We'll see how far I get over the next couple of days. Girl Scouts meets on Friday, and due to some issues with our previous meeting location, we are now meeting at my house...ack! I'll need to spend some of tomorrow evening getting ready for the meeting, and then the meeting is actually on Friday night. We'll see how much stitching I get done between now and then!

Two more days left in the work seems to get harder every week to make it through, but I have a new employee starting Monday, a proposal for a new position being made to senior leadership in a couple of weeks, and hopefully relief on the horizon. I'm not sure I can take my work stress for much longer! Thank goodness for stitching to help me calm down and relax in the evenings!

Until next time!


  1. It is looking great. Good luck for your meeting:)

  2. I'm sorry to hear work is getting to you and your a busy mum as well! put your feet up and enjoy your stitching - good luck with the Scouts ;)

  3. You've made a great amount of progress on this one. Wow! It looks beautiful.

  4. You are making so much progress! It looks fantastic =)
    I hope work will get better for you soon =)

  5. I have this to do in my pile of stash - it's worked it's way nearly to the top, so I'll be watching progress on this with a great deal of interest. Hope work improves soon. XX