Friday, September 7, 2012

One Day More!

Great, now I want to sing along to Les Miserables...sounds like the perfect soundtrack to curl up with some stitching and listen to!

I had a very busy night tonight with our first Girl Scout meeting of the year. The highlight was working on the Daisy Safety Award, which included teaching my first graders the Heimlich maneuver. They all did really well! I asked my daughter after we got home to tell me what she would do if she saw someone choking, and she was able to give me the step by step instructions and demonstrated the actual movements. I was so proud! I hope none of these girls ever need to use what they learned tonight, but it made me very proud to pass that on! Add a lot of giggling with some crazy Stop, Drop and Roll demonstrations and working with their parents on their addresses and phone numbers, and I would call it a successful start to the Girl Scout year!

Because I didn't get home until late, I didn't do much tonight on Christmas Countdown. It's been a very long week, despite having Monday felt like it should have been Friday days ago! I did finish the present I worked on yesterday and started another teddy bear:
More ornaments!
There are twenty-four ornaments in all. I have seventeen and a half done. I am going to do my best to finish the remaining six and a half ornaments tomorrow both because I'm too eager to start Beauty and the Beast that I don't want to have this roll over into Sunday, and because I would love to know that when this comes up in rotation next, I'll be working on the calendar rather than the ornaments. Wish me luck!



  1. WOW! Loving your blog, and how organised you seem to be with actually sticking to your rotation! Very proud of you, I know I couldn't. Although technically I am because I've only got one cross stitch WIP at the moment! How many WIPs do you have in your rotation?

    1. Thanks so much! If you include the project I'm going to start tomorrow, I have five in my rotation...but dozens of other projects waiting in the wings that I haven't started yet!

  2. Good luck! They are looking great so far and I'm sure you will get them done in time ;)

  3. Glad that your girl scout evening went well... I'm sure you'll catch up on these ornaments soon! Mii, x

  4. Those are all so cute. Good luck with getting the rest finished!

  5. They are all so beautiful =)
    Great progress on them and fingers crossed for a lot of stitching time today so you can finish the ornaments =)