Saturday, September 8, 2012

Close But No Cigar...

Well, I didn't reach my goal of getting all the ornaments stitched this week, I'm sorry to say. Life just kept getting in the way. I'm very pleased with my progress this week, though, and will not have much left to do on the ornaments the next time Christmas Countdown comes up in my rotation!

Just as a reminder, at the beginning of the week, this is what I had completed:
Six Ornaments Stitched in 2010

And as of tonight, I have completed this much:
Ornaments as of 9/8/12 - End of Rotation Week

I must admit, the ornaments were getting tedious to stitch. I'm looking forward to working on the actual calendar when it comes up again next time! But in the mean time, I'm really looking forward to starting Beauty and the Beast tomorrow! I opened the kit tonight (I know, I'm shocked I waited this long too!) and looked at all of the already presorted threads (in a much better thread sorter than my recent Dimensions kits), and took a look at the chart to find the mid point and know where I'm going to start tomorrow. I only stitch my HAED pieces from the left corner, but all other pieces start in the middle!

Stay tuned this coming week to see my progress on my new piece!

Until next time!


  1. Katy, that is amazing progress in a week - I have enjoyed following your stitching on the ornies this week and I look forward to seeing your new start next post.

  2. Awww, even if you didn't get them all done they are looking great so far! I'm looking forward to your beauty and the beast stitching - this chart is on my wishlist to do someday!

  3. You're getting there! You made good progress this week ☺ Mii, x

  4. i think you are making great progress - i am the same as you haeds top left the rest middle : )

  5. Great progress on the ornaments =)
    They are so cute and I am proud of you that you picked up that UFO and found the love to work on it again ;-)

  6. had quite a bit of progress this week! They look great and I am sure you will finish them off on the next round.