Sunday, January 6, 2013

Crazy January Challenge - Angel of Compassion

Welcome to another day of the CJC! I have to admit, I'm loving this starting a new piece every day thing...I'm already planning on doing the ultimate challenge next year - 31 starts in 31 days. It's official, I've become a addict to starting new projects! Ha!

This is one of the first HAED pieces I ever purchased, and I absolutely love it. It's Angel of Compassion by Selina Fenech. I have the other three in the series as well, but this is my favorite:
Isn't she pretty?
 And here is my progress after today:
I almost completed the entire column - the line on the bottom is where the first column ends. The background of this piece has A LOT of Kreinik #4 braid, but really, it looks so pretty, even this early into the piece!

I'm very excited about tomorrow's piece as it's another one I've wanted to start for awhile, though it will likely need to contest a bit with some patches I need to sew onto my daughter's Daisy Scout vest...the next semester starts up again this coming Friday, and cookie season starts too, so we need all of her patches on the vest! Mommy's sewing to the rescue!

Until next time!


  1. Beautiful design, you have stitched a lot of stitche. Looks great.

  2. Beautiful chart and a wonderful start you have made.

  3. Such a pretty chart! You're so brave to tackle a HAED piece. Happy stitching! :D

  4. Beautiful HAED and a fantastic start.

  5. Lot's of progress with this one and it's so nice to see all your different projects being started.

  6. Wow Katy. You made such a great start for just one day of stitching. I love the sparkly floss. What a great piece.


  7. The sparkly floss in the background is gorgeous! You've been stitching up a storm! Looking forward to next year to join you in the Ultimate Crazy January Challenge!

  8. What a gorgeous design. I admire people who stitch HAEDs.