Wednesday, January 23, 2013

More Sky

I was very tired after the last long three days of work in my office that I only stitched a little bit of sky tonight:
As of 1/23/13
Sorry for it being a bit darker. I need to invest in a better camera than my phone, or really just take pictures during daylight! I love the sky, looks to me like the castle really is in front of the sky, providing a bit of perspective in the picture, but that's just me!

I also have to share my six year old daughter's portrait she painted of me at school in art class:
I personally think this looks great! Granted, she gave me green eyes (like what she has) rather than brown (which I have), but I am very proud of her! She has said for the last two years she wants to be an art teacher when she grows up, so you can be sure I'm keeping this in case she really does continue down that path as one of her early masterpieces! Proud mom moment!

Until next time!


  1. Aww how lovely, a very talented girl.

  2. Beautiful! You hang on to that. My oldest daughter said the same thing from the time she was little and now is an art teacher! Not a lot of jobs out there but she loves what she does. Now she teaches developmentally disabled adult. Enjoy her while she's young it all goes by too fast.

  3. Hello Katy

    Your castle piece is looking lovely, it's certainly growing.
    The portrait of you is great, well done to your daughter!

  4. Great progress on Beauty and the Beast. I need to get this one.
    Your 6 year old daughter is very talented. She did and awesome job.


  5. The stitching looks wonderful! I like how you started in the center instead of one of the corners. Your daughter's artwork looks great! As a proud mom, I would certainly save it, too!

  6. I love your progress and your little ones painting =)

  7. Your daughter is very talented, it looks so cute!

  8. Your portrait looks beautiful! Tell your daughter she did a wonderful job and she is very talented!