Monday, January 7, 2013

Crazy January Challenge - Celtic Christmas Ornament #4

This is one of three Christmas ornaments I'm working on as part of the Crazy January Challenge. I've never made an ornament before, but after getting the 2012 Just CrossStitch Christmas Ornament edition, I couldn't resist! This one is Celtic Christmas Ornament #4 by The Sunflower Seed:
Just three colors of thread in this ornament, including my first use of true overdyed floss. I'm using the same fabric as called for in the pattern, but mine is not nearly as yellow as this picture is for some reason. No matter, I'm having fun with the sparkly kreinik thread!
I have a lot of pieces using a lot of kreinik with this challenge and on the whole, I like working with it and the pretty effects it creates! I have a feeling this should be another relatively quick stitch that I should be able to finish this year and hopefully I'll have it hanging on my tree this coming Christmas!

Until next time!


  1. So pretty! I've never worked with Kreinik before, and you're making me very curious... :P

  2. Oooh, shiny :) Looks great so far!

  3. Kreinik braids are gorgeous and add so much to a design. I love using them.

  4. So pretty, another fab start, good luck :-)

  5. I have only used DMC metallics and last night madeira metallics for the first time. Madeira is much thicker than the dmc and much nicer to work with. I was gifted with 3 of the madeira but dmc is what I can buy here.

  6. That is really beautiful! Great stitching!

  7. Lovely piece! Happy Stitching!! :)