Thursday, August 2, 2012

Another Day At Home

You know, I really need to spend my days at the office rather than at home with the kids if I'm going to stay on top of my work deadlines......but staying home and having a chance to do some stitching is so much more fun! The kids had dentist appointments late this morning and though they came out with no cavities and clean bills of dental health, the appointment was horrid with screaming, sobbing, thrashing meltdowns, and they were hardly happier after that. I wasn't in the mood at all to work at that point, and I wasn't going to subject their poor daycare teachers with horribly crabby kids, so we all stayed home today. On the plus side, while my son was napping and my daughter was having quiet time in her room, I was able to do a little bit of organizing!

I pulled out European Bistro today to take a look at it. I had stitched all of one line of color when I first 'started' it, and I just ripped it out so I could start from scratch again. Also, Dimensions has gotten into a habit of sorting the colors for you in this horrid sticky taped bar contraption that never resticks right. I went ahead and sorted the colors in my thread sorters so I can have a much easier time handling the threads.

Pretty Colors Ready to be Used!
I also pulled out Christmas Countdown and started sorting that thread as well, but I'm going to need to run back out to the craft store to pick up another set of thread sorters, as all of the ones I had are currently in use! I had already planned on running out this weekend to pick up my remaining supplies for my birdhouse for my next WOCS project, but more on that later. I did go ahead and take a picture of the ornaments I have completed up to this point.
Completed Ornaments for Christmas Countdown
I started this project right after finishing my son's stocking in December 2010, but by the time these ornaments were done, I was burned out on Christmas and stitching, and I just put it down. I do recall enjoying doing the stitching on the plastic canvas, so we'll see what I think about it when I pick it back up again.

I also did a little shopping today with my daughter for a project for her as she has enjoyed watching me stitch and though she's not quite yet ready to pick up a needle herself, she did ask if I could do a project for her...I'll make sure to post it when it comes in! All I will say is that Disney Princesses are involved......

Tonight was spent watching the Olympics, even though I already knew all of the results thanks to CNN's breaking news app on my phone...darn time delays. While watching, I continued working more on Italian Vista.
More Shape in the Buildings!
I'm really happy with how it's coming along! I didn't really stitch last night for a variety of reasons, even though I planned to, and I quickly realized that I need to stitch to keep my stress down. Even though I missed a day of work today, I'm not nearly as stressed because I was able to work on a thing of beauty with needle and thread. I need to keep this up.

Tomorrow night I'm going to have to finish up the back of T's Daisy Vest...I've been avoiding it this week, but Build-A-Bear is on Saturday with the troop, so I need to get it done!

Until next time!


  1. enjoy your stitching time - we all need a way to unwind - look forward to your start on the bistro - I like this pattern

  2. So many beautiful patterns to choose from! I know what you mean about stress relief! I took a few years off from stitching and now I bring it to my dr. appointments when he checks my blood pressure. He still can't figure out why it is the lowest it has been in years. I know why - stitching :)

  3. Sorry you had such a rough time with the kids. I totally understand the wailing at the dentist. I still want to behave that way when I go :) Your stitching is wonderful!

  4. Buy thread sorters? That's what the side of the cereal box is for LOL. It's the perfect size!

    The Large Boy is fine with dentists, he just tries to go invisible! The Small Boy has ASD so we've not tried yet, he freaks at anyone coming near him so we're leaving it for now until he's a little older.

    I love the colours in the European Bistro, especially the gold sign.

    1. Huh, I never thought of that with the cereal boxes...I may have to do that next time!