Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Some More Progress

So last night, I didn't really get a chance to stitch much. I've been having pain off and on in my left elbow that goes down to my pinky and ring fingers on my left hand and makes them very tingly, as if they're waking up from being "asleep". I've had this pain off and on for awhile now and I'm in the process of scheduling a doctor's appointment to check it out, but last night, it just hurt too much to keep my elbow bent to hold the hoop for stitching, so I took the night off. It helped my hand feel better, but didn't help my urge to stitch any!

So today, with my arm feeling better and after dealing with leaking water issues with our master shower (another post for another day, I'm sure), I sat down and put some work into Italian Vista tonight.
As of 8/21/12

I do know where my camera is, but tonight I was lazy and didn't want to go upstairs to get it, so we have another phone pic. I'm pleased with the progress I made tonight! I also spent some time mapping out where I'm going to start stitching once I finish this building bundle. I traditionally start my projects in the middle, but this piece is unique in that so much of it is composed of the trees and sky and water, it's not easy little sections that you complete, back stitch and then move on from. But I think I know what my game plan is, and that's a good thing!

I do have a few questions out there for those of you who use something other than a hoop to hold the fabric while you're stitching. What do you use and how does it work? See, I typically like stitching in the evening in my reclining chair on the couch with my hubby, leaning back, feet up, stitching away. If holding the hoop for extended periods is exacerbating my elbow pain, I want to find an alternative, but I want it to be something that I can still lean back and recline on my couch with and that isn't too bulky. Any suggestions are welcome!

Off to bed for me! Until next time!


  1. For use on a recliner I would suggest a floor stand - check out artisandesign.com

  2. I recently bought one of these as I was having a lot of trouble with my back hunched over all the time so now I can recline and stitch with it on my lap!


  3. When I started doing larger projects I didn't like the way the hoops pulled on the stitches I had already done, so I started stitching without any hoops or frame. It takes some getting used to, but it works for me.

  4. Hello

    I can't help you with the stitching frame because I'm a hoop girl.
    Your project is looking lovely.
    Hope your elbow gets better soon.

    Holly x

  5. Your Italian Vista looks lovely! I like to use Q-snaps, so I don't have to take them off as I'm stitching. Most of my projects use 11x14 size. A floor stand would help so you don't have to hold the frame or hoop, but I haven't tried that yet myself.

  6. Italian Vista looks wonderful =)
    I always use a q-snap so I can't help you =/
    I always hold it in my hand since I also love to lean when I stitch
    I hope you can find something suitable for you and that you elbow will get better