Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Quick Post and Thanks

Thanks to everyone who gave feedback about the fabric for my HAED project. I was leaning towards Lava myself, and that was the favorite! Can't wait for payday to order it and the threads I still need so I can get started!

Just a quick update post on Birdhouse Neighborhood tonight...leaves are done! Yay!
As of 8/15/12
The bottom row of stitches on the leaf's stem is as low as the pattern goes, and then it stops on the right and left edges as show in the picture. I think there are two more minor colors with a few stitches, and then lots and lots of stitches in a third color. I'm really happy with this piece, though, and can't wait to put together the finished product! I just need to find a good fabric to use for the square too!

Hope you all have had a wonderful day and a great evening! I may not get much stitching done in the next few days with some family functions I have going on, but here's hoping!

Until next time!

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