Sunday, August 26, 2012

New Start - Flames of Desire

Well I woke up this morning in horrible pain...4:30 in the morning to be exact when I rolled over in bed and somehow pulled a muscle in my back. It's been killing me all day though my husband has been good about helping me take it easy and keeping me stocked on ibuprofen today. I did get started on Flames of Desire, though!

It was a bit intimating at first figuring out where to start. Unlike many of the other HAED patterns I've seen, this one doesn't have a solid first page of stitches where you can easily tell where to start because you just start in the upper left corner. I finally figured out where I was going to begin and got started, and here's the progress I made today!

Flames of Desire - Started 8/26/12

I started with the top 'feather' of her wings. Linen is interesting to work on. I can see what some of my followers were talking about regarding "even" stitches, but honestly, I kind of like how it is a bit uneven with the stitches. It makes it seem more alive to me, somehow. And the fabric itself is just so soft and easy to work with, and I love the color. I'm enjoying it thus far! The stitches are being done with two strands of thread over one, and I used probably a dozen different colors with this small section alone!

Tomorrow is my daughter's first day of first grade and I think I'm more nervous than she is! I know I'm definitely more nervous about this first day of school than I was with kindergarten, which surprises me! I'm glad I've taken the day off because I know I'd be too distracted to's to hoping I'm not too distracted to stitch!

Until next time!


  1. Great start! I love the finishing pic ☺

  2. Great start - I love the colours :)

    Hope your back feels better and your daughter has a great first day at school.

  3. Looking good so far! I hope your back feels better!

  4. That's a beautiful new start! I hope your back gets better!

  5. I dearly hope that your back will get better soon!

    You made a great start on Flames of Desire, the colors and fabric are very lovely =)

    When I first stitched on evenweave it looked rather uneven compared to stitching on aida. But I got used to it and I now even prefer evenweave. I hope you will get used to stitching on Linen (didn't do it myself) and that you will be happy with it in the end =)