Monday, August 6, 2012

More European Bistro

It's becoming a nightly routine. My husband and I put the kids to bed, I settle down with the Olympics on TV and stitching in hand and just have an enjoyable evening stitching and watching great performances. What am I going to do when the Olympics are over?? I'll find something to watch, I'm sure, haha!

I finished up the half stitches in this window and moved on to other colors. I was not a fan of the black half stitches by the time I was done with them - five threads per half stitch just is too much and made me feel like I was pulling a knot through the fabric each time. I like the effect though. My favorite part so far, though, is the cute little wine bottle that's on the bottom that will eventually be on the table......probably because I like my wine!
As of 8/6/12
I am going to scan and print out my pattern for my WOCS birdhouse tomorrow and will likely pick that up to get it started tomorrow if I can. I'm also drooling over the selection at Heaven and Earth Designs, which is having a half off "Stash Enhancement" sale the rest of this week starting tomorrow. There are some absolutely stunning (and intimidating!) patterns at this site and I'm building up my wishlist. I may just have to indulge with a pattern or two with the prices half off!

I did have a nice piece of mail today waiting for me from 1-2-3 Stitch! today:
Sorry for the glare! I picked up the Halloween Time book from Stoney Creek because I've seen so many cute Halloween projects on various blogs. I've never really been big on stitching for Halloween in the past, but I think I may have been bitten by the bug! I also got the St. Peter's design from the John Clayton International Series by Heritage Crafts. I've been to Rome on two different occasions in my life, including an entire semester during my sophomore year of college. St. Peter's was one of my absolute favorite locations to visit and I love this pattern! Can't wait to start working on it!

Until next time!


  1. I love that Bistro pattern! So colorful, it is going to be gorgeous.

  2. I did a portion of a Dimensions kit during a round robin. It had lots of the 3 and 5 strand stitching. Blech! That was a pain.almost impossible to keep even tension. If you can do it, hats off to you!!

    Looking great, btw.

  3. Hello

    Just found your blog through Carrie's. and became a follower.
    Your European Bistro is looking great!
    Lovely stash too.