Thursday, August 9, 2012

Shopping at HAED

So I had a headache when I got home tonight...long week, not much sleep, that tends to catch up to me. I tried to start stitching on Birdhouse Neighborhood, but just couldn't focus well enough tonight and decided after the fourth or fifth time of ripping out stitches that tonight was just not the night to do I went shopping at Heaven and Earth Designs instead!

I ended up buying four patterns...I couldn't resist the half price sale, and considering the size of these patterns, this is a huge bargain!

Angel of Compassion by Selina Fenech
This one is part of a set of four angels...this one was my favorite, though I think eventually I'll pick up all four.

Butterfly Rose Cross by Brigid Ashwood
This cross just spoke to me. Roses are my favorite flowers, my daughter loves butterflies, and I just adore the rustic feel and the colors on this piece.

Daisy by Selina Fenech
I chose this one to represent my two years of being my daughter's Daisy Scout leader! It's such a simple image, and I just love it!

Flames of Desire by Lee Anne Seed
This one I purchased as a gift for one of my good friends for me to stitch for her. She's admired my work for awhile and asked if I would stitch a piece for her, and this is the piece we picked out!

I know I'm not going to start any of these until I finish my WOCS project, but I'm very excited...even if these four didn't put a dent into the nearly 300 charts I've put on my wish list...ha! I am determined to look at all 7000+ charts to see what else there is to add to my wish list...a little bit at a time!

Until next time!


  1. Lovely charts!
    Have a good weekend.

  2. There were 50% off on the Sale, so buying 4 charts is like buying 2 charts ;-) I love the charts you got, especially the cross and Flames of Desire =)
    I wanted to buy one chart and got two :D
    I'm a maths student, you can trust me with the calculating (not) :D :D :D

    It's sometimes really funny - there are night when you can stitch for hours without misplacing a stitch and then there are nights where you can't get 5 stitches in correctly. Sometimes it's better to take a break ;-)

  3. I too got four charts in the sale - was tempted again to night but had to resist!

    I spent four hours one evening looking through the charts on the website but I always end up adding more when I see what everyone else is doing.