Thursday, August 30, 2012

It's Been A Long Week

Luckily only two more days left in the work for the most part seems to be going okay for my daughter (save for her stepping in a red ant pile yesterday resulting in 15-20 bites on her left foot...ouch!), and we have open house tomorrow night. I need to finalize our Girl Scout plan for the year by the end of this weekend, as our first meeting of the year is a week from Friday, which I'm excited about!

I got some more stitching in on Flames of Desire tonight!
As of 8/29/12
I've really enjoyed working on this piece this week. Although there have been a few difficulties when the hours grow late and I'm not sure if what I'm looking at is a stitch or just the fabric that is almost identical in color, the more I add to the piece, the more and more I love the fabric I chose to stitch this on. I think it's going to be beautiful when it's done. I have a few more days to put into it before it goes back into the rotation and I start working on another piece.

I've decided that except for my WOCS pieces I do here and there, I won't start another new project until either I finish page one of my most recently started HAED piece (in this case, Flames of Desire) or I finish a project entirely. That way, I'm not starting on tons of pieces and ending up with a ton of UFO's. One of these days, I'm going to sit down with my stash thus far and map out what pieces I want to do for myself, what pieces I want to keep for future potential projects or gifts, and ones I know I won't ever do so I can organize myself appropriately. What I really need to do is clear out the fourth bedroom which is supposed to be my Mom Cave and set up my stitching goodies, my Girl Scout stuff, and my other "me" things, but considering we're about to have to replace a substantial part of our master bath, that project will just have to wait and I'll have to just work on organizing my charts for now...

Off to bed for me..two more days until the weekend!


  1. Flames is looking great! I know what you mean I have become a serial starter these past couple of weeks, I need to sort out some rotation I think!

  2. Flames looks fantastic so far. I would never be able to stitch a Haed, they are so big.

  3. Great progress =)
    I hope you can meet your goal of not starting something new before the first page is done ;-) At the beginning I decided not to start something new before the first row of pages on my Haed was done then stitch the first row on the new project before starting something new, but somehow it didn't work.... ;-)