Monday, August 13, 2012

The House Is Done!

I finished all of the stitching for the house tonight. That roof was a lot of turquoise!
The house is done!
I debated doing the backstitching for the house before moving on to the base, but I don't like back stitching if there are still stitches around it that need to be completed, I could do almost everything but the last couple of rows, where the bird's tail and the feet of the house are on the base for the picture. I'll just start on the base tomorrow and then go back and do the backstitching all at once. I'm really enjoying how this piece is turning out, and I think I'll be adding the entire piece to the wish list of projects to do in the future!

Off to bed! I hope everyone has some stitchy dreams!


  1. Wow you have stitched this up really fast! Looks great and I really like the full project.

  2. Nice'll have it done in no time!