Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Next Generation

I have two children. My daughter is T and my son is D. They are the inspiration behind my blogger name, tadamama, as our last name begins with TADAmama it is! So my daughter, T, is six years old. She's a sweet, imaginative, loving, creative, smart, stubborn and determined girl who will be entering first grade in a couple of weeks. At her kindergarten graduation this past year, when asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, she said she wanted to be an art teacher so she could teach children how to make beautiful art. Well, what is cross stitching but a form of art? So when my daughter expressed an enthusiastic interest in learning how to cross stitch, I certainly didn't mind having her pick out a couple of "My First Cross Stitch" kits. And even when her first question out of her mouth when she woke me up at 7 AM this morning was if she could "learn how to sew today, Mommy", I was happy to oblige...once I had my caffeine!

She didn't get far in the kit today...truly, though the kit is a 'beginners' kit, I think it's more aimed towards the tween age set. I even tried to get T to select one of the "larger" kits with the massively huge X's for her to learn on, but this is what she wanted. She wanted to stitch just like Mommy. So we spent the morning in our pj's with me teaching her how to organize a kit, how to thread a needle, how to read a chart and determine what each symbol meant for each color, how the needle went through the thread in the little holes on the fabric, and how to make those tiny little X's into a picture. We didn't make a ton of progress today, so I don't have a progress picture to show you. Instead, I thought I'd show the enthusiasm and the focus of a six year old little girl who, I hope, is developing a love for this craft that will last her a lifetime.
Pushing the needle through the fabric

Admiring her progress
And this is my absolute favorite...
So happy and proud!

I was truly blessed when God chose me to be T's mother. I love her with every fiber of my being and I loved being able to share this with her today. Oh, and I made some progress on Birdhouse Neighborhood today too!
As Of 8/11/12

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  1. How lovely she wants to learn - I was the same with my Nan when she was knitting and from there I found a love of cross stitch. She told me earlier this week the crafty gene was in all the female members of her Mothers side family and I hope one day I am able to pass it on too :)

  2. There is nothing that warms a mother's heart like sharing the love of her crafts with her children! My daughter learned to knit and cross stitch at age 7, and looking at the pictures of your daughter reminds me of her when she was learning, and the feelings of pride and joy in my heart! This is a bond you will share forever. Thank you for sharing it with us:)

  3. She's darling! That's so special for the both of you!

    I love your birdhouse!


  4. Hi Katy, I'm a new follower of your blog! Thanks for your comments on my blog, too. The birdhouse square will be perfect for WOCS! I stitch for them, too!

  5. How wonderful =)
    Your little one looks so cute and I dearly hope that she will fall in love with stitching =)
    When I was little I never wanted to start with something simple, I always went for the more difficult things ;-) If I found a thing I wanted to do, I did it no matter how difficult it was. Your little one reminds me a bit of that and I hope she will enjoy it =)

  6. I love the look of concentration on her face!
    My son doesn't want to learn to stitch but he always takes an interest in what I'm doing and like the colour-changing threads in particular!
    He helped me design the sampler for his teacher last year too.

  7. Your daughter is such a cutie! Glad she has shown an interest in XS!