Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I really am crazy

Because 15 starts in 15 days wasn't enough...even 31 in 31 days wasn't enough. I've decided in honor of my birthday month, and because it's a nice round birthday at 35, I'm doing a Stitch Maynia Birthday Edition - 35 starts in the month of May.

The pieces I've selected to round out the month include:

Angel of Cross Stitch - Joan Elliott
Cinderella - Joan Elliott
Edwardian Lady - Joan Elliott
Faces of Joan Elliott - Joan Elliott
Floss Daily - Wee Little Stitches
Jeweled Apple - Mill Hill
Letters From Nora - T - Nora Corbett
March 2015 Sampler Motif Club - Carolyn Manning
Pin Up Girls - Soda Stitch
Plum Pudding - Glendon Place
Princess Collection - Soda Stitch
Rainbow Parfait - Glendon Place
Robin Hood - Little House Needleworks
Santa - Jim Shore by Mill Hill
Spirit of Cross Stitch Angel Ornament - Brooke's Books
Stardust Fairy - Joan Elliott
Sugar is Sweet Sampler - The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery
The Medieval Town Mandala - Chatelaine
Victorian Lady - Joan Elliott

Because I like doing things in alphabetical order, but I also want to finish part one before I start the rest, I'm going to start this group on the 16th. I need to order a few things thread wise before I start anyway.

Yes, I'm crazy. I know I'm crazy. Hello, my name is Katy and I'm a cross stitch addict! (There are support groups out there, aren't there?)

Until next time!


  1. Love your planned starts, especially the Joan Elliot ladies! I definitely need a stitching support group haha...as my pile of WIPs can attest to!

  2. Lol. Great patterns and variety is the spice of life right?!

  3. Maybe you are crazy like the rest of us, but how much fun you are going to have !! I love all your Joan Elliott charts - I'm stitching the Lavender Fairy right now, and cannot wait to start a new JE project !

  4. All wonderful choices! You GO, Girl!

  5. Yep you are crazy but I will enjoy watching your progress on each one so go for it haha.

  6. Yep crazy lady you're nuts :) there are support groups but they're not very helpful. They just encourage you to buy more stash and stitch it :) great choices you've picked

  7. You are so brave, great projects

  8. It's your birthmonth so you can do whatever pleases you, no matter how crazy, lol. Have fun!

  9. Lovely selection of charts! And guess what I have Angel of Cross Stitching too:) Yep all these beauties of charts you will fly right through - LOL!! That's positive thinking:)))
    love Annette

  10. But you only chose small charts, right?!

  11. Love Joan Elliot's designs, although I'm yet to actually stitch one (have several in my to-do list). I don't think my brain could handle that many WIPs - too OCD, and would need to finish them. I'm struggling with the 4 WIPs I already have, let alone 35! :)

  12. And I thought that I was crazy Katy. Good luck and have fun with all of your starts.


  13. Yes, you are crazy like that Linda! But you are forgiven because you have arranged your designs in alphabetical order.

  14. Some awesome projects there, I have a lot of them in my "to-do" pile :) I look forward to seeing you make a start!