Sunday, May 31, 2015

Stitch Maynia - The Medieval Town Mandala

I am a Chatelaine virgin no longer! I have several of these gorgeous patterns in my stash, it was hard to pick just one! On Day Thirty of Stitch Maynia, I started The Medieval Town Mandala.

I will admit, I was intimidated before starting this piece. All the specialty threads, specialty stitches, beads and treasures, let alone the instructions that came with the design itself all made me a bit nervous, but once I got started, I loved every single stitch!

I'm stitching this on 32 Lugana in Truffle from Picture This Plus. This was my first time using Needlepoint Inc. Silk, Gloriana, Waterlilies, Silk 'n Colors and Rainbow Petite Treasure Braid, which are all in this picture. I absolutely loved it and this piece, among any of the others that I love in my rotation, would be one I'm the most tempted to just keep stitching on. Who knows. Maybe I'll work it in so I work on it more frequently. We'll see!

Today is the last day of Stitch Maynia! I'll be starting my final and 35th piece for the month and the next part of the Storytime Sampler will also come out today, so it'll be a two-for-one day! Yay! I've had so much fun with Stitch Maynia, I'm sad to see it end, but I will have 60 (ack!) WIP's to keep me busy!

Until next time!


  1. So beautiful! I've always been intimidated by Chatelaine designs. Lovely start! :D

  2. That is a very gorgeous design you chose, no wonder you're having so much fun with it. Beautiful start:)

  3. Those designs are so pretty, but something I would never attempt. Your start looks great.


  4. I have really enjoyed seeing all your starts:) You have some gorgeus WIPs:))

  5. Wow what a fantastic piece! Good luck with all the WIPs

  6. I love these, too, but have never done one. I will satisfy myself by watching yours:) I love the colors in this one!

  7. What a great start. It's been fun following along with your starts. Now get to work on all those fun pieces!