Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Stitch Maynia - Princess Leia and Let's Do Wine

Today I have a report on a two for one day! Yesterday, as I'm sure most everyone knows, was International Star Wars Day (May the Fourth be with you!). Now, I consider myself a Star Wars fan, I like all the movies in varying degrees, I'm super excited about the upcoming trilogy, etc., but I didn't have anything planned stitching wise in a Star Wars theme. I have a couple Star Wars patterns in my stash, but they weren't the patterns calling the loudest for Stitch Maynia. That changed yesterday morning when Fangirl Stitches (the same designer of my OUAT Alphabet) released this Princess Leia pattern yesterday morning:

The Force was strong with this pattern showing Leia in all of her costumes from Episodes IV-VI. I was weak and couldn't resist. So I started this pattern yesterday!

It's funny, it felt very familiar to start this pattern after all of the people I stitched for the OUAT Alphabet. I missed it! But clearly, I wasn't under the time pressure to get a figure done in a day. Ha! I did have to take another picture to show the really beautiful fabric I'm doing this on:

I'm doing this on 28 Jobelan in Cosmos from Under the Sea Fabrics. I think it's going to look really awesome on this when it's all said and done!

Now, I did have a pattern planned for yesterday as part of my original fifteen chosen for Stitch Maynia. Did I remove it from the list since I started Princess Leia too? Nope. I'll just have sixteen starts in fifteen days! The other pattern I worked on was Let's Do Wine by Ursula Michael.

This was a relatively easy stitch to start on and I had a lot of fun with it! There are several other patterns in this sort of style that I may be adding to my collection, or at least certainly on my wish list. This is where I got to yesterday:

This picture really doesn't do the colors justice. I'm doing this on 32 Lugana in Sorbet from Picture This Plus. It's a really pretty, subtle mottled pink that I think is going to look great when this is done. I also decided that I'm substituting the DMC colors for silks from Mo's Sale. So far, I've used Bordeaux (I thought that was appropriate!), and the rest of the colors will be determined when I get to them!

Whew, I'm tired! Off to take care of a few things today before I start my next Stitch Maynia piece!

Until next time!


  1. Great starts. I have done several like the wine design. They are fun and really fast to stitch up. Good luck with both pieces.

  2. Oooh I'm going to enjoy watching you whip up all those Leias

  3. Two lovely new starts. That Cosmos fabric is gorgeous!

  4. Awesome starts on such beautiful fabric Katy.


  5. Great starts and the cosmos fabric is absolutely gorgeous! I'm dyeing a couple of pieces today and I may have to do something similar!

  6. What a beautiful fabric for your Star Wars chart - it really looks like outer space:)

  7. Good starts and beautiful fabric.

  8. YAY! I'm a SW fan myself but haven't stitched on anything related so far.
    I'm a bit on the fence about the new series coming out, but who knows.. :)
    I think you picked great fabrics, once again, and the Bordeaux choice is very appropriate. I think you should use some Champagne too :D

  9. Nice new starts, lovely fabric on the Star Wars:)

  10. I love the Star wars design and the fabric you've chosen is fabulous

  11. Lovely starts! The fabrics are awesome :D

  12. Totally jelous of all your gorgeous fabrics! I really need to buy some more hand-dyed ones.