Sunday, May 3, 2015

Stitch Maynia - Elf's Garden, Taurus Part Two, And Giveaway Preview!

Lots to talk about today! First, I had my second start for Stitch Maynia yesterday, which was Elf's Garden by Soda Stitch.

Regular followers of my blog will know that I'm a big fan of fairies, elves, all things magical creatures, so this was a must have. Just like when I worked on another piece by this designer, I fell in love with it just a few stitches in! Here is where I got to yesterday:

I don't know what it is about this designer, but I just love their patterns! I have quite a few in my stash now! I'm stitching this piece on 32 Belfast in Wildflower from Under The Sea Fabrics. It's a beautiful fabric with lots of wonderful colors that the elves will fade into brilliantly. I really didn't want to put it down!

Yesterday also saw the completion of the Taurus section of the Walking Through The Stars Zodiac Sampler:

And here is the completed piece to date:

As always, the designers included some interesting information about this sign! My son, sister and father are all Tauruses and I straddle the line between Taurus and Gemini, so I found this information insightful this month.

Taurus - April 21 to May 21

Taurus takes its name from the Greek Tauros, meaning "the Bull."  

Taurus thrives on stability, and being able to grow a garden (life's work, family, art) into a lush paradise buzzing with life. Taurus has a strong primal instinct, for big appetites with food, sensual love, and creature comforts.

Taurus follows the surges of Aries, and is the earth sign of catching hold, and growing where planted. That explains the heavy vibe (and sometimes physique), for a sign that struggles with weightedness, and stagnation.  The pressure to root in and consolidate, is what makes Taurus great at manifesting. It's what gives Taurus a solid bearing.

Taurus' love of stability sometimes leads to staying in dull jobs, that aren't inspiring. It's a happy Bull that finds a path that is both abundant and satisfying.

At the extreme edges, Taurus is bull-headed, self-absorbed, materialistic, greedy, hedonistic, a glutton.  

Constellation: Taurus, the Bull
Element: Heart
Ruling Planet: Venus
Stone: Emerald
Metal: Copper
Phrase: “I have”
Colors: earthy browns, shades of green, pastel colors (blues, pinks, greens), white
Animals: those with sturdy frames, like bull and cattle in general
Birth Flowers: Rose, Poppy and foxglove flowers . Taurus' personal flowers also include: Primulas, Violets, Columbines, Mallows, Sundews

Finally, this is a big month! I have officially hit 200 followers (yay!), I turn 35 later this month on the 22nd (yay!) and I've decided I'm going to do a giveaway. I have discovered going through my stash for Stitch Maynia that I have a few duplicate patterns in my collection and I want to find them a good home. So sometime next week, I will pull all the duplicate patterns and make a post announcing the official giveaway, but I know there will at least be a Soda Stitch and a Joan Elliott to give away! Stay tuned!

Until next time!


  1. I love your new start and the fabric your using Katy. I think the Soda charts are great but I haven't gotten any yet. Nice progress on the Zodiac Sampler.


  2. Happy to be your 200th follower! :) I discovered your blog through the WIPocalypse, and now I'm going through all your old posts. Love all your previous and current wips! :))))

  3. Such a sweet new start! Those Sodas are so cute. The Taurus information is so interesting - one of my sisters is a Taurus and this fit her to a T. Lovely stitching! :D

  4. Wow lots to comment on. Love your new start!!! Adorable. Looks great on that fabric. Love the info about the Taurus. Seems mostly true. LOL I'm bull headed I know that.

  5. the soda one is so cute

  6. Adorable new start and love the fabby you are using:)

  7. Cute new start. I love the fabrics you're working on.
    Thanks for the Taurus info....fits my Taurus husband to a T!

  8. Great stitching! I love the new start! Looking forward to seeing progress on it.

  9. Soda stitch is sooo adorable. I will be looking forward on this WIP. Lovely progress:)

  10. oh I LOVE Soda Stitch patterns, and this one is in my stash and I can't wait to start it myself!
    you picked a FANTASTIC fabric for this one too, I love it already!
    great job on the Zodiac too, and can't wait to know more about the giveaway! :D

  11. Oh, I love the Soda Stitch pattern. Looks like it's working up pretty fast too. How sweet! I wish I could get them a little cheaper around here; the shipping kills me!

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